Each modern lamp is composed of three layers up to 5 different plastic resins resistant, high flexibility and brightness. The multilayer system that we developed and patented allows the chandelier doesn't become dirty: it is very solid and the colors are bright and luminous. You will not find on the market a product with the same quality of materials, strength and brightness of ours

Each modern chandelier provides plenty of light and illuminates a good environment up to 30 mq (with saving bulb 30 watt). The brightest color is the semi-transparent, followed by the white. If you want a touch of color you can choose a combination with white and color / s you want

E27. Power saving (fluorescent) or LED We recommend a cold light bulb for a modern setting for a scene of strong impact A warm light to create a relaxed atmosphere, both for a classical and modern space; very nice the combination with wood

The chandeliers and lamps doesn't get dirty thanks to the multilayer system. Each module is protected by a transparent layer polished inside and one outside that protects the lamp from dust. In any case, after a few years it is advisable to clean it. Just a damp towel (such as those for hands), and in three minutes the lamp will be perfect