Illumination is the most important part of a place. Good lighting creates a unique environment, gives the atmosphere and personality to a place and especially attracts new customers.
From 2008 to 2015, only in Italy we have illuminated more than 100 restaurants, ice-cream parlors, hotels, bars and nightclubs such as discotheques and cocktail bars, all new and successful, which with a new lighting attracted Hundreds of new customers.

Here is a list of some of the rooms that have bought our modern lamps and chandeliers:
A Torino
> Cocktail Bar OBELIX 2 Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, Torino
La catena SUSHI BAR KOMBU, con negozi in tutta Italia, in V. Maria Vittoria 20/c e Dante 131

A Milano
> Atrio Stazione Centrale, MAGNUM ALGIDA e
Sushi Restaurant KOMBU in Via Maroncelli 7

A Roma
> Sushi Restaurant KOMBU - Via Giuseppe Ponzi 5

Ad Ancona
> Albergo ristorante EREDI DI TRAVERSA - 1/3, Via Direttissima Del Conero Camerano

A Cuneo
> Ristorante DUVERT Bistrot V. Moglia 12 Cherasco

A Foggia
> Bistrot Insomnia Cafè - piazza Di Vagno, 14/15 (Porta Foggia) - Lucera

A Messina
> Hotel CAPO SKINO Gioiosa Marea

A Parma
> HOTEL CAMPUS - Via Mulattiera 2, Collecchio

A Rimini
> IL BARETTINO RistoBar Viale gramsci 9/a Bagnara di Romagna

A Verona
> Sushi Restaurant KOMBU - Corso Cavour 50

Do you want to illuminate your room in a unique way? Write a mail at, leaving us your contact details. For orders over 300 € there is a 30% discount on the price list, in return the room will have to be advertised by releasing our brochures. Delivery in 10 days!