Modern lamps and chandeliers directly from the factory, at wholesale prices.

A modern style for a modern world

Since 2007 we have sold more than 8,000 modern chandeliers in Italy and abroad, thanks to their beauty and beauty quality. A unique lighting where the customer chooses the shape, colors and size of the lamp. This way each customer builds their tailor-made chandelier. This is very appreciated why There are no other products with such features on the market

Become our distributor!
2 are the possibilities:
  1. Buy bulbs assembled, a wholesale price, directly online
    Sign up at this link and we will enable you to buy online
    You will have a password and with this you can buy at wholesale prices
    Minimum order 200 &eur;

  2. Purchase the lamp to be assembled!
    With a simple video you set our lamps in 5/10 minutes. Venderle SMONTATE allows us to get you an even bigger discount and save you money on shipping costs. In fact, in a box we can ship eg. 50/100 lamps. The distributor's margin rises to about 70%
    Write to illumina@lampadesign.com to receive our wholesale list
    Contact us also you are interested in becoming our partner / opening a franchise / receiving the exclusive to sell in a particular country / licesing